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Land sale averages $7,933/acre

Sullivan Auctioneers oversee a farmland auction in Pontiac this week / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC - Four tracts of Livingston County farmland sold for an average of $7,933 per acre at auction Wednesday morning at Baby Bull's Fine Dining in Pontiac.

The Kellar farm totals 318.07 total acres, with a home and surrounding buildings sitting on 2.22 acres. The first two tracts, which included 76.2 and 84.3 acres, sold for $8,400 per acre. Tract three with 73.59 acres went for $7,400 an acre. The fourth tract, at 81.6 acres, sold for $8,000 per acre.

The 2.2 acre tract which included the home sold for a total of $95,000.

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