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Farmers ready for 'next run'

DOWNS – Eastern McLean County farmer Dennis Wentworth is getting ready for the “next run” of harvest following last week’s rain break.

Aside from hit and miss showers and heavy morning dew, Wentworth says his harvest is going fairly well. He did notice some water-damaged corn.

“In our area here in eastern McLean County, we had some heavy rains all summer long at different times.”

Wentworth had quite a few 70-bushel soybean field averages when he was hoping for the mid-60s. His corn has been good except in the drowned out areas. The Wentworths are also staying caught up with post season fieldwork as they are running tillage equipment following the combine.

With a couple of recent accidents in the Heyworth area, Wentworth prays everyone stays safe during the remainder of harvest.

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