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Weed, soil temperature forecast

Weeds emerge in an area field / CIFN photo.

The latest Weather Pulse/Nitrogen Pulse forecast calls for emergence of weeds such as large crabgrass, fall panicum, waterhemp and morningglory by April 22.

Weeds which have already emerged out in fields include giant ragweed, lambsquarters, ragweed, velvetleaf and giant foxtail.

The average four-inch soil temperature for the next 1-5 days is 51 degrees. That goes up slightly to 52 in the 6-10 day outlook and jumps to 61 degrees in the 11-15 day outlook. It is variable based on tillage practices.

Precipitation is expected to be on the light side moving forward with only 0.10 in the next 1-5 days, 0.01 in the 6-10 day and 0.05 in the 11-15 day forecast. Temperatures will increase to the 70s for highs in the 6-10 day and 66 degrees in the 11-15 day. The next five days only see highs in the middle 50s with lows in the upper 20s.

For more, visit For a Weather Pulse subscription, contact Scot Benson at 815-762-4374. If you call or text him right now, tell him you saw this on the Central Illinois Farm Network for a chance at winning a free National Weather Service-certified rain gauge.


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