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View from the Cab: See us weekdays

By: Kent Casson

I spent many years hiding from listeners behind a microphone or from readers through a notepad and paper.

Now, I must remember to comb my hair and shave every day as I am adjusting to life in front of the camera.

Is it TV? Not exactly. You can catch me on “CIFN TV” but that is our clever little title for video segments posted to the Central Illinois Farm Network website and social media outlets. I am now producing a weekday video segment posted to the “Midday Update” page of the CIFN site around noon each day. This is also shared to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube for all of you social butterflies out there.

Each Monday, we visit with Merrill Crowley from First Choice Commodities in Watseka for analysis. Crowley has been providing comments on the network for several years and now you can see him in person. Tuesday features Aaron Curtis of MIDCO who has appeared numerous times at our annual ag outlook meetings held in Fairbury. He focuses on the cash grain markets and world factors impacting prices.

Joe Camp with Commstock out of Bloomington is our midweek guest on Wednesdays, examining corn and soybean prices and a price outlook. Roy Plote with L&M Commodities in the northern Illinois town of Leland provides the Thursday market information. He has also contributed market information to the Central Illinois Farm Network over the past few years and has participated in our live market outlook meetings.

Friday is an open day where we have rotating guests sharing their thoughts on commodities, recapping the past week and looking ahead. Our guest last week was Dale Durchholz of Grain Cycles, formerly of Agrivisor in Bloomington. His voice has been heard for years on radio stations throughout the state with the Illinois Farm Bureau’s RFD Radio Network.

We feel this is good timing to launch a brand new midday market video segment as farmers prepare to head to the fields for another growing season in Central Illinois. Growers can watch the latest analysis at their fingertips on phones, iPads or computers every day around noon. Also, if any news breaks during the day, we will be sure to pass it along during this segment.


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