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View from the Cab: Maximizing yield

By: Kent Casson

With planting just around the corner, LG Seeds is offering pre-season tips to maximize yields this season.

Agronomist Justin Irlbeck notes planning for success begins before seed even enters the ground and time spent refining an action plan saves valuable time during the season when planters need to roll.

It is recommended growers fine-tune their seed selection, field by field. If shortages of nitrogen force last minute crop rotation changes, consult with an agronomist to ensure seed choices fit your specific growing conditions.

“Tailoring corn hybrids and soybean varieties to each soil situation provides the biggest bang for the buck,” said Dave Hoy, LG Seeds agronomist in northeastern Iowa.

Farmers should also check on fertilizer availability and adjust plans as needed. Nitrogen supply could be especially problematic and this season’s supply and price challenges warrant monitoring these issues. If a producer has a limited supply of nitrogen, he or she will likely look to apply in-season.

“The end of May is a great time to side-dress nitrogen for corn,” observed Hoy.

Manure could be more of a hot ticket item this year given the elevated potash and phosphate prices, so plan accordingly. Also, fine-tuning planter settings before heading out to the field can directly impact yield potential.

“If you have been disappointed by emergence, spend some quality time with your planter adjusting, leveling and replacing worn parts before you plant the 2022 crop,” explained Irlbeck.

As planting begins, producers should check for proper seeding depth, spacing and seed-to-soil contact. This means getting out of the tractor occasionally to check on down pressure and ensuring proper seed placement.

Agronomists stress the importance of waiting to enter fields until conditions are favorable this spring. Be ready to go, but remain patient if fields are too wet or the soil temperatures are too cool.

“Mudding the crop in creates compaction and can result in yield losses that are far worse than waiting a few days for better weather conditions,” added Hoy.

Even though temperatures have been cool and skies have been cloudy and rainy lately, planting time is just around the corner for 2022.


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