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View from the Cab: Good prospects

By: Kent Casson

Don’t let the traders in Chicago hear this but there appears to be a decent crop out there and prospects are good so far. It is early in the season however and we must remember anything can happen.

Some early planted soybeans experienced frost damage this year and there were flooding rains in some locations, but it could be much worse. When it comes to replanting decisions, Andy Killian from the Brandt Lexington location suggests using patience.

“Wait and be patient,” Killian said. “That’s tough to do when you are out there scouting.”

April planted corn has emerged and the stands look good while corn planted the first of May is newly emerged. At least all of the warm temperatures and rainfall as of late should help bring these crops along a bit faster.

“We’ll see how those stands look but I imagine with the heat, they’ll look pretty good,” Killian added.

With the crops starting to rapidly grow, that means the weeds will be growing even faster. Since we planted so early in April with the pre-emergence herbicide applications, the post sprayer trip may have to be a bit earlier than some growers are accustomed to. Plus, we didn’t have a ton of rainfall early on to incorporate those chemicals into the soil.

“Keep on monitoring the crop,” Killian suggests.

Since most of the crops are now in the ground it is safe to say many of the herbicide and nitrogen applications are finished for the pre-plant period. This warmer weather is a welcome sight after our drenching chilly rains from early May which resulted in ponding and a few washed-out areas. Luckily, many crops had not yet emerged at that point.

“We kind of went from a dry, cold start in April to a wet and cool period,” noted Killian.

Hard to believe it is graduation season and Memorial Day weekend will soon be upon us. It seems like we were just celebrating Memorial Day during the lockdown year of 2020. Congratulations to all of the graduates – especially our nieces who have finished high school. The future looks bright for you all and best of luck in the years ahead.

By the looks of the bats and gloves in the yard, summer t-ball and baseball seasons aren’t far away either. Both of the older kids are looking forward to playing ball outside again.


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