View from the Cab: Family time is best

Kent with his daughter Kenadee while planting beans last week / CIFN photo.

By: Kent Casson

The only thing better than seeing a completely planted corn or soybean field in the rear-view mirror is the sight of little ones getting out of the car to visit me in the tractor.

Spending a day inside the cab can get rather lonely – especially when planting a field at a far away farm. Rebecca and the kids brought supper out to me last Saturday night while I was planting corn near Chenoa. We all took it easy for a few minutes in the ditch while enjoying our delicious fried chicken supper. Does anyone really do this anymore? In today’s fast-paced world, dinner as an entire family is becoming more uncommon.

Our family always makes a point to eat dinner together at the kitchen table. It is kind of refreshing to visit and see how our day at work and school was. The kids can fill us in on exciting news from their day of learning while we can compare notes about work life. Growing up, I recall riding along with Mom to take meals to the field and everyone would take time to eat, even if it meant chowing down for a few minutes along the edge of a field.

I think if we all slow down just a bit (I’m talking to you too, farmers) we can enjoy the little things in life a bit more. Maybe it is worth it to stop the tractor and catch that amazing sunset on camera or to park the planter for the night to see a child or grandchild’s school activity. Work will always be there for us but the special moments and memories in life tend to fly right on by.

Since day one of my farming career, I have felt blessed to not only do what I love but to be able to do something my family can be a part of as well. Our family rides are a highlight of planting and harvest seasons. We have all grown since Kasen was a baby and now two extra riders, Kenadee and Kaislee have been added.

Rebecca and I always get a chuckle out of cramming everyone into the cab. Kasen is almost too tall to even stand up in there and hardly has anywhere to sit anymore. I guess it’s time we leave him alone in there and start working in the field!

Speaking of fieldwork, we are down to the final stretch of the 2022 spring planting season as of this writing. The final corn field should be planted before I am done typing and our last soybean field will be completed within a day. It is a great feeling to know everything is in the ground, although we hope there is no replanting in our future.

The spring has already flown by and I’m sure summer and fall will do the same. Let’s all be safe as we complete this busy season.

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