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Thanksgiving weather history for Illinois

The National Weather Service has released weather history for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In Peoria, the normal high and low is 43 and 27, respectively. The warmest high was 68 in 1915 with the coldest low of -1 recorded in 1950. The snowiest Thanksgiving came in 1893 when 4 inches of snow fell. Springfield’s normal high and low is 45 and 28 with the warmest high of 67 recorded in 1915 and 1966. The coldest low was 0 in 1950 and the snowiest Thanksgiving was in 1980 with 2.4 inches.

The National Weather Service has also provided Thanksgiving climate data for Chicago and Rockford. The warmest holiday was in 1966 when the mercury reached 69. The coldest low was -1 in 1950 and the coldest high of 14 occurred in 1930. The wettest was 1.56 inches in 1968 and the snowiest Thanksgiving with 3 inches of snow occurred in 1980.

There was at least a trace of snow 26 percent of the time and measurable snow 11 percent of the time. Measurable precipitation occurred 37 percent of the time.


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