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Stage set for good crops

A sprayer shown in a Livingston County field north of Gridley last week.

FLANAGAN – Even though spring planting season was a bit cool and drawn out, some local farmers are happy with what they are seeing out in the field.

John Martin, who farms in Livingston, Woodford and LaSalle counties, got started in the field the last week of April but soil conditions were cool. This got the crops off to a slower start.

“It is really rapidly catching up,” Martin told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week. “Right now, in general I do like what I see out there.”

Martin notes nothing is easy in agriculture as he started planting in April but ran the planter all the way through May to get everything in.

“We just had a couple of hours worth of replant so that’s better than years past and in general we are very happy with where we are at today.”

Southern Livingston County farmer Matt Kilgus of Fairbury has been post spraying corn in the past week along with side dressing nitrogen.

“Things are looking good – especially the May planted stuff,” Kilgus said.

Even though crops look good, we could always use rain this time of year. Overall, Kilgus believes the stage is set for a good crop this season.


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