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Renewed focus on safety after accident

(CIFN file photo)

DOWNS – A local farmer wants everyone to stay safe out in farm country after a tragic farm accident occurred last week around Heyworth.

Dennis Wentworth, who farms in McLean County, says you can’t be safe enough out on the roads.

“Certainly, spring is a time when you have a lot of equipment like tractors, mowers and sprayers out on the highway,” Wentworth told The Central Illinois Farm Network. “We just have more and more of a challenge educating the urban population that slow moving vehicles are just that.”

When it comes to his crops, Wentworth has everything in the ground after some replanting of soybeans due to crusting issues in early May.

“Those beans are coming up now so we are starting post applications on beans and corn and side dressing nitrogen on corn,” he said.

The periodic showers mixed with sunshine are providing decent growing conditions for crops so far in Central Illinois. Excessive rains during the past few springs had made spraying and other field operations difficult.

“We’ve got crops in the ponds here the first week of June so that’s a good thing,” added Wentworth.

With decent stands out in the field, Wentworth has no complaints about where we are at from a crop development standpoint.


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