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ReClaim retrofits on to existing sprayers

A sprayer boom display at last winter's Precision Planting Winter Conference at Tremont.

Precision Planting is bringing new technology to the sprayer while addressing farmer frustration.

Equipment growers already own can have the same kind of technology found on a brand-new sprayer through ReClaim. This is a retrofit sprayer boom recirculation system which is now for sale.

“Right now, you can buy new sprayers with recirculation systems but getting one to retrofit onto your existing sprayer can be a big challenge especially if you don’t have electronic nozzles,” explains Andrew Feucht, product marketing specialist for Precision Planting.

The boom recirculation and priming system can be used with traditional nozzles.

“You don’t even have to shut them off because we can run recirculation at a lower pressure,” Feucht added.

Many producers have dealt with the headache of having to dump out costly chemicals. They will ultimately risk weed escapes on that first pass. ReClaim allows customers to spray out the right chemical solution from the very first drop. This allows easy cleanout of the dead spaces in a boom.

“We know growers are potentially going to save a lot of product and prevent some poor looking passes in their field.”

Learn more about ReClaim at by clicking on the “products” page or reach out to an area Precision Planting dealer for availability.


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