Price volatility remains

CIFN file photo via Facebook/Matt Boucher, Boucher Farms.

BLOOMINGTON – A consistent theme for the markets since last September has been volatility and this week is no exception.

“Even with limited news, the market continues to stay pretty jumpy and I think that’s going to be a pretty consistent theme through the spring and summer,” said Aaron Curtis of MIDCO.

It appears we will have a fairly mild weather start to the spring season and things should turn pretty active from a planting standpoint. In South America, Curtis is watching dryness in Argentina. This region has been dry since the planting season started last fall.

“They did get some rain there in late January and early February to help stabilize things a little bit but they are back to a little bit of a drier trend there.”

While Argentina needs rain, parts of Brazil are almost too wet with plenty of harvest activity remaining.

February crop insurance numbers are set and they are the highest we have seen in several years for both corn and soybeans.

“That’s a nice tool that the producer has to continue to look at in his marketing plan,” Curtis added.

The higher prices as of late seem to be helping the mood out in farm country and farm incomes are expected to be better this year.

Curtis is our guest on Tuesdays during the CIFN Midday Update which is available for viewing each weekday after 12 p.m. at

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