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Officers elected for Cullom fair

The 2019 Cullom Jr. Fair is shown / CIFN file photo.

Among the changes made by the Cullom Junior Fair board at a recent meeting was the election of new officers.

George Halpin was elected president with Jim Moritz service as vice president. Sarah Moritz was elected secretary and Diana Loschen was chosen as assistant secretary. Treasurer is Kylie Miller.

The board took action on lowering the age requirement of exhibitors and eliminated the mailing of a fair book. The minimum age of exhibitors is reduced to 6 years of age as of show day. The maximum age remains the same - youth who have not yet reached their 21st birthday by show day.

Dates for the 2022 Cullom Junior Fair are Aug. 10-13. Anyone wanting more information about the fair should visit the fair's Facebook page or the website:


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