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JSA acquires Bates Commodities

John Stewart and Associates is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bates Commodities.

The established, highly regarded company now operates within AgMarket.Net®, the farm division of JSA. Bates Commodities has been a pivotal company geared towards grain and livestock producers, landowners, country elevators and seed dealers.

Curt Kimmel, who was the owner of Bates, will be the branch manager of the Normal, Illinois location. The office is remaining in its current location with personnel transitioning and becoming part of the organization. JSA and AgMarket.Net®, the farm division of JSA, are thrilled to welcome Bates Commodities and their clients to the team.

“John Stewart and Associates and the AgMarket.Net team have a history of adding high-quality, well-established, highly thought of people and assets when the correct opportunity presents itself,” says Doug Schultz, chief operating officer at John Stewart and Associates.

“The acquisition of Bates Commodities fits that mold perfectly. It’s a pleasure to add an organization with their history and tenure. We look forward to our future together.”

AgMarket.Net® founders say the Bates Commodities regard, prominence and dedication to the industry makes them a great addition.

“My career started with Paul Bates, the original founder of Bates Commodities, who helped me get acclimated to working with growers and their broker,” says Matt Bennett, co-founder of AgMarket.Net®. “Being able to work together with Curt Kimmel again brings this full circle. We couldn’t be more excited to add this great brokerage to the team.”

This marks the tenth branch office for AgMarket.Net® since the farm division of JSA originated two-and-a-half years ago. AgMarket.Net® is the Farm Division of John Stewart and Associates; a forward-thinking agricultural marketing and consulting firm. JSA is a full-service commodity brokerage firm based out of St. Joseph, MO.


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