It's all about speed in the field

Ag Leader's Ryan Oehler demos products at Nu-Ag Technology over the summer / CIFN photo.

CHATSWORTH – Everyone wants to plant faster these days and Ag Leader has a new product called SureSpeed that can help growers achieve this.

The high accuracy planting system features seed singulation over 99 percent with an average speed ranging from 3-12 miles per hour. The product is currently available for ordering with shipping starting in November.

SureSpeed is the latest addition to Ag Leader’s own Seed Command family of products.

“There are yield benefits to having even plant stands for corn and soybeans,” Ag Leader territory manager Ryan Oehler said during a product unveiling at Nu-Ag Technology in Chatsworth.

When driving by a field planted with this technology, you will notice a good plant stand. In fact, rows can even be picked out when looking across the regular 30-inch rows. Speed is the real bonus as conventional planters over the years hover around the 5-6 mile per hour range.

“Most customers want to get into the 6-8 mile per hour range,” Oehler noted.

This greatly reduces the number of days it takes to plant each spring, which is significant. Growers aren’t as rushed to get into the fields while waiting for better conditions with reduced labor and machine hour expenses.

Ag Leader has been in the planter market since 2006 which is when they first started doing row clutches on planters.

“We made a clutch control system using our Insight display at the time and since then, we’ve gradually increased our planting product line,” added Oehler.

The company has a full farm solution product line ranging from yield monitors and sprayer application controls to autosteer and guidance systems. Many customers utilize the technology year-round on their operations.

New technology this fall helps the grain cart operator follow the combine more accurately. Cartace creates less harvest stress for everyone on the operation.

“It looks at where the combine has traveled and creates guidance from the combine path, transferring it over to the grain cart,” Oehler explained.

Cartace means the grain cart operator no longer needs to worry about left and right positions relative to the combine. The operator simply has to control the speed. Cartace also shows how much grain is in the combine tank.

More information can be found at The company is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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