Good run so far for Wentworth

DOWNS – McLean County farmer Dennis Wentworth has had a good run so far this planting season.

Wentworth is happy with where he is at currently.

“I guess right now I’d be a little embarrassed to tell you how much we have planted,” Wentworth told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week.

He just got started on soybeans as most of the corn is in the ground. At the time of last week’s snow and cold weather, none of Wentworth’s crops had emerged just yet.

“We are proceeding along nicely and just didn’t feel a lot of pressure.”

Wentworth hopes everyone stays safe this spring, gets plenty of rest and uses caution out on the country roads.

“How can you not be excited with the way the markets have responded here lately?” Wentworth asked.

Growers like Wentworth are hopeful for decent crops here in Central Illinois and elsewhere this year so everyone can take advantage of these market prices.

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