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Good harvest expected around here

A display of corn shown last week at Shorty Stork's Stone Seed field day.

CHENOA – Crops are coming along after a growing season which started out dry then became wetter as the summer went along.

Early soybeans are starting to turn and corn has dented. Melissa Rapp, field sales representative for Stone Seed, feels we will have a good harvest around here.

“We’ve done some yield estimates in the plots and are starting to collect ears,” Rapp explained during the recent field day hosted by Shorty Stork.

It seems the early maturity hybrids are handling stress better this season than the later maturities.

“Overall, I think we are going to have a good crop,” added Rapp.

With little rain after planting, corn and soybeans really rooted down deep in the soil early on. Corn really sprouted up after nitrogen was applied and got through the summer well.

“We caught some good rains that definitely helped the crop along.”

Rapp noted Stone has new varieties and a new trait that adds another mode of action for rootworm protection. She feels seed supply is good for next season since everything looks good out in the fields with no major weather events for seed corn. The seed corn harvest started a couple of weeks ago.


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