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Finding success in a challenging year

Construction is shown for a new building owned by Steidinger Foods in Fairbury / CIFN photo.

FAIRBURY – This year has been unique for many and Brad Steidinger, who owns Steidinger Foods, says calling 2020 “interesting” would be an understatement.

“We didn’t really know how that was going to affect our business,” Steidinger said. It actually made it easier in the beginning because we do service a lot of grocery stores.”

Customers tended to frequent the stores more often when restaurants closed earlier in the year, increasing business for places like Steidinger Foods in Fairbury. This also made it challenging to ship some of the products to cover these needs.

“Every day is a new day,” Steidinger observed.

Chances are, you have seen Steidinger Foods products in the freezer case at a nearby store as they sell products under six brands which can be found throughout about 12 states in the Upper Midwest. Food items include everything from breakfast sausage to breaded pork fritters and appetizers.

Steidinger Foods decided to construct a large building just down the street from the current location in Fairbury to allow for more freezer space and better distribution. Several of the company’s products will go through the building to relieve current dock loading pressure.

“Longer term, we would like to set it up to do some non-profit food processing as well,” Steidinger explained.

Freezers and coolers are expected to be operational by the middle of next summer and it could be next fall or later before the rest of the building is ready. Consolidated Building Center of Forrest is doing most of the construction work and another company will come in to put up freezer panels.

Work on the property started several months ago with dirt moving.

“We had a garage we had to move out of there and a house that had to come down,” recalled Steidinger.

More on the products offered by Steidinger Foods and locations where they can be purchased can be found at An online store is also available on the site.

Most locals are familiar with the Meat Shoppe which is a restaurant owned by Steidinger that is open for lunch during the work week. Many of the food items they serve are made right in the plant.

Steidinger is thankful for all of the business growth and looks forward to continue working in Fairbury.

“It has been a good, good community for us to grow and we look forward to continue doing that.”


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