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Farm Assets Conference Dec. 15

The annual Farm Assets Conference at the i-Hotel in Champaign is slated for Friday, December 15.

This event tackles unique agricultural issues by pairing University of Illinois farmdoc Team members with industry experts. This season they are focusing on competition and efficiencies.

Joana Colussi will be in Brazil to give a boots-on-the-ground view of that nation's growing season and its export prospects. Then they’ll hear from a corn farmer in the war-torn nation of Ukraine, Roman Gorabets. Later in the day, Collin Watters from the Illinois Corn Growers Association will join the marketing panel discussion to add a Mississippi River logistics issues twist to the export demand conversation.

Scott Irwin will take up the biofuel prospects including ethanol, SAF, and renewable diesel. farmDoc's Joe Janzen and Nick Paulson will lay out their view of the corn and soybean Supply and Demand Tables. They'll also build out crop budgets to highlight where farmers will need to look for operational efficiencies. The Farm Assets Conference will provide a deeper look at those efficiencies in two ways.

Our day will be rounded out with on-the-farm and at-the-bank issues. Extension Crop Scientists Emily Heaton, Nick Seiter, and Emerson Nafziger will provide insight into production practices.

You may see the agenda and register for the Farm Assets Conference on the farmdoc Daily and websites. Register today at


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