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Drier weather allows planting to start

There may not be much corn in the ground throughout Central Illinois just yet, but Bryan Lessen estimates growers in his Rob-See-Co Illinois territory are as high as 15-20 percent planted on soybeans.

“We had some fairly fit conditions and guys took advantage of those opportunities,” Lessen told The Central Illinois Farm Network this week.

It appears a nice weather window is opening up to get crops in the ground, although a cooler trend is expected for the near future.

Lessen has been finishing up seed deliveries and some Rob-See-Co plots are already in the ground.

“Obviously, we’ve got plenty of products scattered around the area.”

On-farm testing is encouraged for growers this season so they can raise more bushels next year. Lessen hopes everyone takes time to enjoy the season without letting the stress get to you.

“We could be planting a record revenue crop so let’s take our time and do it right,” Lessen concludes.

More information can be found at the website or by contacting Lessen at 309-660-5974.


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