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Countdown to Threshermen's is on

Threshermen's vice-president Mike Doyle promotes the reunion during the recent Sibley tractor drive / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – Plans are full-steam ahead for the annual Threshermen’s Reunion near Pontiac later this summer, despite some earlier confusion surrounding the traditional Threshermen’s Parade.

Visitors to Threshermen’s Park can expect to see the typical displays during Labor Day weekend such as old tractors, steam engines, singer saw mill, general store, 1910-era blacksmith shop and flea market.

“We are back in business this year,” Threshermen’s president Dave Herz said during the recent Sibley tractor drive. “The COVID thing, as far as we are concerned, is done and we are going to have a show.”

The separators will be running and guys will be out in the field plowing.

“The way the crops look right now, we’ll be picking corn and cutting beans at the show,” Herz added.

Featured tractor brands include Minneapolis-Moline, Ford and repowered machines, such as Cummins and similar types of motors. Quite a few of these have been promised for the show, according to Herz.

Herz said the grounds along Route 23 north of town look “beautiful” and will be ready to go for the reunion Sept. 2-6.

Pontiac’s annual Threshermen’s Parade, a separate event always held the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, will happen this year as well despite earlier news that the parade had been canceled. The Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce organizes the parade and the City of Pontiac has expressed its support to make it happen.

“Though the past year has been a challenging one for us, as it has for so many, the Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce has altered course and will hold our Threshermen’s Labor Day Parade,” said a Chamber post on Facebook. “This parade is unlike any in our state and takes an amazing amount of time, staff, volunteers and sponsorships to put together.”

The Sept. 5 parade theme is, “Community…Better Together.” Anyone wishing to volunteer should e-mail or call the Chamber at 815-844-5131. Entry forms are now available at 210 North Plum Street in Pontiac.

More on the reunion can be found via Facebook at “Central States Threshermen’s Reunion” or by visiting


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