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Company monitors nitrogen loss

Three out of the last four winters have been almost ideal to have fall anhydrous applied.

The anhydrous ammonia has performed well and never been threatened as far as loss.

“We just had great conditions,” explained Scot Benson of Nitrogen Pulse.

With a warm fall season this year, we have had very compatible soil temperatures. The season to apply anhydrous has pretty much been wide open as soil temperatures have stayed down and farmers had good harvest weather.

In southwestern DeKalb County, where Benson is located, conditions have been dry since late in the spring of 2020.

“For some reason, we’ve missed a whole lot of either the volume of rain received or the frequency of it.”

Nitrogen Pulse is always watching for when nitrogen loss may occur. The company’s new enrollment season for the weather data aspect of the service starts in mid-November.

“At that point, if you have fall anhydrous going on and you want to track the state of that nitrogen, we track the status of the N-Serve and the nitrogen,” said Benson.

Nitrogen Pulse has a new employee working in California involved in water response trials and calibrating the company’s soil moisture forecast with real-time sensors used in irrigation.

“We are very well positioned to cope with any regulations that are coming,” notes Benson.

Benson invites farmers to check out the website or call 815-762-4374 to inquire about the services offered.

“Our first aim is to measure with our soil test to find out what you are given for free as far as organic nitrogen.”

From there, a recommendation is generated and they track it with the weather, following it through the season.

“When you lose nitrogen, we’ll alert you to that.”

Growers are given a weather crop performance report at the end of the season which Benson is busy doing currently. Nitrogen Pulse has observed some amazing results this year.

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