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Company brings back windmill memories

A display of windmills shown at this year's Greater Peoria Farm Show / CIFN photo.

Glancing at a windmill can suddenly bring back memories of old farm life.

“We find a lot of people on the edge of town that have ties to the ag community who like the looks of a windmill,” observes Mark Petersen, owner of a business known as Breezy Mills in Milford, Iowa.

Petersen had a display area at the recent Greater Peoria Farm Show at the Peoria Civic Center. Breezy Mills sells windmills which are traditionally for decoration, offering heights ranging from 8 to 40 feet. They can even be used to put bubbles in a pond and improve the quality of it.

“It looks like the old-style windmills,” said Petersen.

After meeting the former owner of the business, Petersen had the opportunity to buy him out. Petersen ended up purchasing the gentleman’s manufacturing business and moved all of the tooling to his location and took off running from there.

“We’ve grown a lot in the last three years,” Petersen recalls. “Last year, we sold windmills in 44 different states.”

Located in northwestern Iowa, sales for Breezy Mills have been solid across the entire Midwest and they are now selling more units in the southeast. A windmill seems to be a popular item people enjoy watching work.

“They catch themselves looking to see what the wind is doing when they glance at the windmill.”

The windmills are made from aluminum with a solid, heavy hub so it does not take much wind to turn them.

For more on Breezy Mills, call 712-260-7818 or e-mail:


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