Business looks to Amplify yield

Soybeans treated at Integrated Seed Solutions near Flanagan this month / CIFN photo.

FLANAGAN – John Martin is bringing new yield to the farm in a way like no other.

The owner of Integrated Seed Solutions near Flanagan, which features Amplify yield enhancement technology, spent plenty of time in the corporate world before branching out to become an independent business owner.

“I am looking forward to the new challenges and the excitement that comes with that,” Martin told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week.

Integrated Seed Solutions is primarily focused around the Stone Seed brand of corn and soybeans but is unique since the business helps farmers reach that next $100 per acre through yield enhancements.

“That is focusing on aerial application via helicopter for in-season crops and then a whole lot of offerings in the seed treatment space.”

Martin has observed many crop protection product applications over the years and is impressed with helicopter applications. While he has nothing against ground rigs or airplanes, he feels this is the most efficient way to get crop protection products applied.

“Often times, farmers will get paralysis by over analysis when they look at one variable at a time,” Martin explained. “And you’ll start to see variable results.”

Seeing those results often leads a farmer to do nothing the following year. The concept of Martin’s business is to throw everything but the kitchen sink at an acre. This means hitting an area with multiple passes of fungicide, insecticide and plant growth regulators.

Consistent results were noticed last year after multiple trials were conducted.

“This will lead to action going forward for our farmer dealers and farmer customers,” Martin added.

The staff at Integrated Seed Solutions is busy treating around 40,000 units of soybeans this year. According to Martin, they offer a “menu” of treatment options to growers. The soybean treater is pretty much running nonstop this time of year.

More information can be found online at or Growers can also stop by the office just west of Flanagan along Route 116 on the south side of the road.

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