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Blunier takes a liking to dairy

Reed Blunier, left, with his grandfather Stan at the Fairbury Fair this week.

FAIRBURY – Thanks to a friend, 14-year-old Reed Blunier got exposed to showing dairy and hasn’t looked back since.

It all started at last year’s Fairbury Fair when someone was needed to show and Blunier happened to be in the right place at the right time with his buddy Ty Harms.

“I was there, so I showed,” Blunier said. “I looked like I had no clue what I was doing but since then, I’ve just liked to do it.”

Blunier had a good experience during Wednesday’s Fairbury Fair dairy show with two firsts and a second, then he showed someone else’s cows. Blunier has done projects in the past such as woodworking but not livestock. Now, he’s doing dairy judging with FFA.

“I think it all kind of fits in,” admitted Reed’s grandfather, Stan.

Judging takes plenty of practice, but Blunier enjoys it.

“I had a lot of fun with that last year and plan to do it in the coming year,” he added.

The eighth grader at Prairie Central Junior High helps with whatever needs to be done on the family farm.

“It’s not terrible. I like it,” said Blunier.

Stan adds that Reed is a great help on the farm, doing the evening chores when the others are out in the field.

Reed’s father Kent is also involved in the Blunier Hog Farm operation near Forrest. He was busy pulling pork for the Fairbury Prairie Farmers 4-H fair food stand so he was not available for the interview Wednesday morning.

The Bluniers raise corn, soybeans and hogs.


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