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Apply for gardener training

Applications are being accepted for the summer 2021 online training program offered by the Master Gardeners in Livingston, McLean and Woodford counties.

The self-guided course can be completed any time of day and participants will dedicate about four hours per week for reading materials, videos and quizzes. Training lasts 14 weeks. Local horticulture educators will provide hands-on learning materials for registrants whenever possible.

Training starts June 14 with registration open through May 14. For more information, contact program coordinator Liz Repplinger at 309-663-8306 or by e-mail at The 2021 online training includes 13 modules consisting of videos along with an online quiz.

Following 60 hours of training, volunteers participate in programs throughout their communities, such as establishing demonstration gardens to serve as educational tools, establishing community gardens, speaking at garden clubs, civic groups or schools and answering calls at gardening help desks.

If you need accommodations in order to participate, e-mail local extension staff or call 309-663-8306.

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