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4-H achievements honored

The career achievements of Illinois 4-H members were lauded during the Illinois 4-H Celebration of Excellence held this spring at the I-Hotel and Conference Center.

This ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of 4-H members and the Illinois 4-H Foundation awarded $45,000 in scholarships as part of the celebration. Each winner received a $1,000 scholarship and 45 young adults were chosen as scholarship winners in one of nine divisions of the State 4-H Award.

Another honor celebrated at the ceremony was the State 4-H Experience Award. This award recognizes members who took part in activities and events in the categories of participation, community service, leadership and project mastery. In order to qualify for the top levels of the award, 4-H members must have expanded their experience beyond just the county level.

The Emerald Level award recognizes youth who completed eight or more experiences in one of the three dimensions.


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