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Stoller to venture out soon

GRIDLEY – McLean County farmer Dustin Stoller is rooting for decent yields this fall and he will soon find out.

Stoller, who farms with his father around Gridley, is looking to start harvesting some April planted corn later this week. The corn was bent from a couple of summer wind events that rolled through the area.

“It will be interesting to see how well we can combine it,” Stoller told The Central Illinois Farm Network. “I’m expecting to have some pretty decent yields – not a bin buster but good enough to keep moving on for next year.”

Soybeans look phenomenal to Stoller and he is expecting some strong bean yields. Many of Stoller’s beans were planted in April so the earlier maturities are starting to turn.

“I’m thinking about three weeks on the beans here for us.”

Hand samples of corn taken last Friday on Stoller’s farm came in at 28 percent. That was 111-day corn, although it was probably closer to 30 percent since it was a hand-shelled sample taken to the elevator.

Cornfields to the south and east of Gridley had plenty of goose-necking on corn from the summer storms.

“Hopefully we just don’t have to combine a lot one way,” Stoller noted.

Stoller also hopes for more timely tillage this fall as the past couple of years have not been ideal for this type of work.

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