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View from the Cab: Survey says...

Fall harvest may be on the minds of many, but Election Day is too.

Hopefully all of the crops are in the bin by the time November rolls around and we venture out to cast our ballot at the local polling place. Who do you support for president? Ask a farmer and, chances are, they’ll tell you Donald Trump.

A recent Farm Futures poll of producers indicates Trump is their choice for president. In fact, 75 percent of poll respondents said yes when asked if they would vote for President Trump if the election were held today. This number is higher than the 60 percent who answered yes to the same question in 2018 and the 66 percent in 2019.

The national poll took place in late July via e-mail and got over 1,000 responses. Trump won the rural vote by 33 points in 2016. He had 64 percent compared to Hillary Clinton’s 31 percent. These positive Trump results come despite low grain prices, numerous trade disruptions and farm bankruptcies which are on the rise.

With all of the issues in the world right now, the farmer’s feelings for Trump may be getting stronger, according to Jacqui Fatka, policy editor for Farm Futures who has a blog on

“It’s no secret that there’s an ongoing love affair between President Donald Trump and American farmers,” Fatka said in a recent news release.

The ongoing pandemic and trade war with China are weighing on the minds of farmers but they are giving their approval to the president on these matters due to concerns over the possibility of government overreach under a Democrat-led White House or Congress.

Other survey results revealed high grades for Trump on his handling of agriculture, foreign policy and domestic issues. Almost half of farmers polled in 2017 gave Trump either and A or B on his handling of the ag industry and 44.5 percent on foreign policy. His handling of ag slipped to 47.1 percent in 2018.

Thanks to Mike Wilson, director of content at Farm Futures, for putting together the information. You may recall the various other Farm Future surveys throughout the year, including the one on planting intentions. Surveys and polls may not always be completely accurate but they seem to get people talking.

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