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New planter tool launched

Much can be learned from an early plant stand out in the field.

Evaluating stands involves looking for ear count potential on a young corn plant.

“When we’ve got plants that are at that V3 or V4 stage, we can say with a fairly high degree of accuracy what we expect that plant to put on as an earset,” explains Eric Huber, East Central Illinois Region Manager for Precision Planting.

Precision Planting has equipped dealers with a device called a Pogo Stick which gives them the ability to collect much larger samples of data.

“It’s actually a painter’s extension rod that you would put a paint roller on the end of and you can extend it out,” said Huber. “That gives the user the ability to raise or lower it to their own height.”

The bottom of the Pogo Stick has a 100-foot tape measure with a senor to measure each plant’s distance. While moving from one plant to another, it records how well the plant has emerged. A large sample of 300-500 plants can be taken in around 30 minutes.

More on the new tool can be found by contacting a Precision Planting dealer through or

Planting fertility update:

Starter fertilizer on the planter is another important aspect of preparing for higher yields. A large amount of corn went in the ground during early April with very cool temperatures. Starter seems to help corn through adverse conditions like we just experienced around here.

“I think we’ll be able to see some very real differences with the starter that is out there,” added Huber.

For updates from the Precision Planting PTI research farm at Pontiac with agronomist Jason Webster, visit

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