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Pig farmers gift pork

During a time of uncertainty and closures, Illinois pig farmers are more concerned about feeding others than their individual worries.

While grocery store shelves and meat cases across the state are cleared, farmers know there is a plentiful supply of pork and are making sure it gets in the right hands.

The nine regional food banks in Illinois are receiving more than 20,000 pounds of ground pork. Since a few of the food banks reach outside of state lines, the neighboring state pork associations have also chipped in to further the reach.

The Indiana and Iowa Pork Producers Associations have equally matched the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) donation amount to their respective bordering food banks. Similarly, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board has also contributed to the program. This further shows dedication and generosity from farmers across the country.

“Our continuing partnership with pork producers is truly meaningful and greatly appreciated,” shares Jim Hires, President and CEO of the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. “Thank you for your generous donations.”

In the lifetime of the “Pork Power” program, Illinois pig farmers and additional sponsors have provided Illinois communities with over 821,000 pounds of pork – which equivalates to more than 2.7 million servings.

“As members of our communities and those who raise food, we use this program as a method to give to those less fortunate,” explains Dale Weitekamp, IPPA president. “Illinois Pork gives us a platform to donate food to local families.”

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