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A message from I.P.P.A.

The Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) is closely working alongside national organizations to make needs of the pork industry front-of-mind.

In doing so, the National Pork Producers Council has highlighted critical needs in the following three letters, that were sent to the respective personnel on behalf of pig farmers in the United States:

  • Critical Infrastructure Workers

  • Labor Letter to USDA

  • Small Business Administration Letter

In summary, the health and well-being of our workers in the industry is essential to protecting the safety of the pork supply chain. As the situation changes daily, we are asking the federal government to please protect our continuity of business by supporting access to financial credit if necessary.

IPPA has created a page on the website specific to COVID-19 and pork production that lists beneficial resources.

We are also working on marketing campaigns that push positive messaging to both consumers and farmers. The header image shown above is being marketed to the farmer audience.

We want our family and friends to know that the United States has the safest, most affordable pork in the world. We are using this graphic (to the right) towards the consumer audience with the caption, “You can rest assured that the meat counter will continually be restocked with fresh pork, thanks to the pig farmers in Illinois and beyond!”

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