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Company answers hemp questions

Hemp products are displayed at this year's Greater Peoria Farm Show.

PEORIA – Farmers seem to have questions when it comes to hemp production. This is why Brian Loma with Wild West Weed & Seed was at the recent Greater Peoria Farm Show to help.

“We have products that come out for everything from CBD to fibers for cloth and paper,” Loma said.

It takes roughly a pound of seed per acre to successfully grow hemp. Other requirements include seed and soil knowledge along with a little patience.

“Like all crops, there are some risks but there are also advantages in getting a finished product,” Loma added.

Wild West Weed & Seed teaches growers how to raise the crop by tractor farming, although some use greenhouses. Loma said his company brings experience to the table as they have been growing hemp for five years. They grow farm-to-table and want customers to see what can be done with hemp.

It can be used for CBD oils, flower oils, cures for aches, teas and lotions. More information can be found online at

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