Recognizing stress signs

A farmer works on his combine / CIFN photo.

United Soybean Board’s Chairman shared a piece in their USB Weekly in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week recently.

While a hard topic to discuss, mental health concerns — including addiction — are an epidemic for rural communities.

Farmers often encounter limited access to health services and broadband connectivity, and lots of windshield time in between interactions with people. Multiple life stressors can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. These experiences are common, but when those feelings begin to impact daily life, it’s time to get help.

Signs and symptoms of stress include: loss of interest in things you used to enjoy, trouble making decisions, negative thinking, feeling anxious, changes in appetite and poor or disturbed sleep.

It’s important to know you are never alone. Save the numbers below in your phone, so you have them on hand to share:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

  • Farm Aid: 1-800-FARM-AID

  • Farm and Rural Stress Hotline: 1-800-691-4336

  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

  • Local Resources: Call or text 211

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