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Ag's big event is here

A new combine is shown at Farm Progress Show in Decatur on Tuesday / CIFN photo.

DECATUR – The latest in agriculture is on display in Central Illinois this week during the Farm Progress Show, which runs through Thursday at Progress City U.S.A. on the north end of Decatur.

Claas unveiled a new green combine color scheme which represents the move to a more unified brand. Claas is actually known for its green color around the world and the only thing that stood out previously was a combine that did not match the company’s colors. The new combine has undergone many changes and improvements.

“I think the color gives us an opportunity to have customers pass by and say that looks new,” explained Claas president and general manager of sales Eric Raby. “Then we can actually talk about what is new on the machine.”

Raby said the new range of Lexion combines from Claas represents a full offering of machines in various classes. Many of the improvements are centered on the North American market. The new combines address issues such as crop changeover times, grain tank capacity and unloading time.

Claas also announced the launch of the new 800 and 900 series tractors. The 800 series is a standard one that goes from 180 to 200 horsepower. The 900 tractors take over from 300 to 450 horsepower. These are offered in four wheel drive or power shift transmissions. The company also has a track tractor.

“We wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of what is to come from Claas,” Raby added.

Growers visiting the nearby Golden Harvest tent learned all about seed technology and genetics.

“Right next door, we’ve got the big Syngenta tent that also would have NK brand and our crop protection folks in there as well,” said Justin Welch, Golden Harvest digital commercial lead for U.S. seeds.

Golden Harvest is among the companies with big announcements during the Farm Progress Show. Duracade rootworm control is a new trait which will be available next year.

“We have the E-Luminate services which is a digital platform launched for farmers but delivered through seed advisors.”

The company’s advisors throughout the Midwest will help farmers make better decisions with their information. Welch is hopeful for a timely harvest despite the late start to the growing season here in Illinois and other parts of the country.

“We need to have a good drying season here at the end of harvest so it can be timely and even though 2019 wasn’t a perfect year, I think we can still make it salvageable here in Illinois.”

More information on the company can be found at

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