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'Interesting' year for Grieder

CARLOCK – Western McLean County farmer Fred Grieder feels variable is the appropriate word to describe this growing season.

Early planted crops that caught timely rains look decent but later planted crops look rough, especially in the dry areas.

“We’ve still got a fair amount of growing season here to finish, but if we would finish well here with some timely rains, I think you could see some average yields,” Grieder told The Central Illinois Farm Network during last week’s McLean County Fair.

Grieder, who serves as a local McLean County Farm Bureau director, shares concerns with other growers over this year’s soybean crop. The beans look fine if you ignore the calendar but they have typically canopied by this time. Also, pods aren’t typically set after the second week of August but this year is different.

Corn harvest could start in late September for Grieder – especially if the end of the growing season is cut short with dry weather. Grieder would have normally expected to start harvesting in early October due to the later planting season. That is a week or two later than normal for him.

“It’s been an interesting year,” Grieder admitted.

Grieder enjoyed his time at the McLean County Fair watching the hog show and tractor pull. He enjoys visiting with folks from throughout the county.

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