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McLean County a 'garden spot'

(CIFN file photo)

SAYBROOK – Despite the late planting season, crops look good across the fields of J.C. Zimmerman who farms north of Saybrook and south of Colfax in McLean County.

Zimmerman finished his corn planting in early June and went right into soybeans.

“I think we are kind of in the garden spot of the state from the travels I’ve had,” Zimmerman told The Central Illinois Farm Network last week.

While camping at Shelbyville last week, Zimmerman observed bigger corn in that area along with holes in the fields and smaller corn as well. After finishing corn spraying, Zimmerman plans to get his soybeans sprayed and eventually mow roads this summer. His son plays ball so he has been busy attending games during June and fair season is just getting underway.

“I am on the McLean County Farm Bureau Board which is also the McLean County Fair Board,” Zimmerman explained. “I am also the McLean County Pork Producers president so we run the Pork Producer booth.”

Zimmerman joked that he actually gets to relax when going to the State Fair in August.

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