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View from the Cab: Same old story

The words “rain” and “delay” are filling my personal planting journal this year.

I started keeping track of our weekly field activities on a calendar but, unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to report. It’s the same old story…different day kind of situation. We did finally have a couple of decent corn planting days last week before more rain fell.

The Monday, May 13 journal entry started off positive by saying, “sunny start!” The next day, my entry indicated the ground was drying nicely and by the middle of the week, I was ecstatic just to see a few sprayers out in local fields. This positive attitude changed by Thursday, May 16 as a thunderstorm came out of nowhere in the afternoon, knocking us out of the field just as we were getting ready to plant again.

But – have no fear – because we “started planting corn!” by that Saturday before more rain moved in later in the day. The day we had all been waiting for was Monday, May 20 when it really was our first full day of putting corn in the ground. Some sprinkles the following morning slowed us a bit but we were out strip-tilling by midday. We worked into the night to beat the forecasted rains. After almost an inch fell on the area, here I sit writing this column.

This up and down roller coaster ride has been the story of spring, not only for farmers around here but farmers throughout the nation. There are parts of the United States worse off than us. They even had snow the other day in parts of Colorado and the plains. We had to deal with a couple of gloomy and chilly days, but thankfully none of the white stuff fell in the Land of Lincoln. Only in Illinois do we go from a cool high near 58 to balmy 80-degree weather in a matter of hours.

Some forecasters are saying the active weather pattern could impact much of the country at least through the first part of June. Farmers who haven’t been able to plant corn yet will be faced with some tough decisions in the coming days. Those growing soybeans have a bit more time but the clock is ticking. I’m just thankful my corn is the ground and I certainly hope for good weather in June as I’m sure all of you do too.

I have a feeling the kids will be out of school before we are all done planting. More tractor rides for everyone I guess.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered each week by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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