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Finally a week of fieldwork

(CIFN photo)

Even though wet spots remain, Central Illinois growers finally experienced a week of spring fieldwork.

Few planters have been spotted in fields but many farmers have been working ground, spraying herbicide and even catching up on dry fertilizer. Those with patterned tile fields that are well drained were able to get out there sooner in recent days.

“In general, there are still some wet areas out there,” said Bill Roth who manages the Brandt Consolidated Gridley location. “It’s not the case where we can just go wherever we want.”

Until this week, field conditions weren’t the best as more rain would fall each time fields would start to dry. Roth believes there is a drier pocket southeast of Gridley. He hopes everyone has a safe and successful spring.

“It sure is nice to get going. Hopefully, we can get in there and get our work done,” Roth added.

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