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Agronomist: Corn harvest not far off

(CIFN file photo)

LEXINGTON – With all of the summer heat this year, we are running about 350 growing degree units ahead of normal and those growers with earlier maturing corn varieties will be in the field soon.

“It would not shock me probably in two weeks to be looking at some of these 108-110 day hybrids being at black layer already,” technical agronomist Dan Froelich told The Central Illinois Farm Network earlier this week.

Corn in the middle of the field is not far along as the plants by the edge but will be catching up soon. Froelich has observed some tip-back on corn due to high heat during and after pollination.

“We’ve still got some great sized ears as far as the number of rows around. From the yield checks I’m hearing and seeing, we are going to have a substantial crop to harvest this fall.”

Froelich urges growers to take the necessary time to go through equipment, making sure everything is properly maintained before heading out to the field. Safety should always be a top priority so it only makes sense to make sure you have fire extinguishers on the combine. Also, you may want to meet with your supplier to go over soil tests.

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