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Senate passes farm bill

The Senate has passed a farm bill on a vote of 86-11.

This particular bill would renew farmer and crop insurance subsidies and food assistance for low-income residents. The House version of the farm bill, known as H.R. 2, recently passed 213-211 with no Democratic votes. Unlike the House bill, the Senate’s does not include stricter work requirements and shifting some food-stamp benefits to job training programs.

The current farm bill expires Sept. 30 so lawmakers will likely attempt to figure something out before then. President Trump reportedly supports the work rules part of the House proposal.

Lynn Rohrscheib, president of the Illinois Soybean Growers, issued the following comment regarding the Senate's passage of the Farm Bill:

"Sound Farm Bill policy means a strong rural America. The Illinois Soybean Growers applauds the Senate's bipartisan leadership to achieve an adequately funded Farm Bill. We face many uncertainties in our industry today from markets to trade, but a Farm Bill ensures stability. We also recognize that a Farm Bill is not only beneficial to the ag community, but to the many Americans that benefit from food and nutrition programs. We call on the conference committee to further this legislation and come to consensus on a bill that benefits urban and rural communities."

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