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Foundation supports future of ag

Illinois Farm Bureau’s charitable arm continues to support the future of agriculture through education efforts.

The IAA Foundation’s Illinois Ag in the Classroom program teaches students all over the state about ag. IAITC is always looking for support and volunteers since materials are available at no cost to teachers.

“They typically focus on that fourth grade level but it truly can be adapted from kindergarten all the way through junior high,” explains Susan Moore, director of the IAA Foundation.

The foundation recently received its first active farm gift, which Moore describes as both exciting and transformational.

“Being given an active farm as a farmer member organization is a great tie-in.”

Endowments are farm gifts are often left specifically to develop memorial scholarships. Moore considers this a great way to honor someone’s legacy. IAA Foundation funds almost a million dollars each year in scholarships.

“In addition to the Ag in the Classroom program, we fund a number of scholarships both at the state level and at the county farm bureaus,” Moore adds.

Large contributors to the foundation include Country Financial and Illinois Corn Farmers, who donated $100,000 and $90,000 respectively.

Teacher materials can be downloaded from and information can also be found at

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