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McLean County presents FY18 budget

(CIFN file photo)

BLOOMINGTON - Next year’s budget for McLean County has prioritized jobs over pay increases, according to the county administrator.

Bill Wasson presented members of the McLean County Board with the Fiscal Year 18 recommended budget during Tuesday’s regular meeting at the Government Center in Bloomington. According to Wasson, the county has plenty of hard work ahead and department heads were asked to make difficult decisions.

“Local governments have been provided little relief from state mandates,” Wasson said.

The county’s budget for next year is $95,116,585 which is a decrease of $327,185 from the previous year. Reductions planned by the county are expected to have little impact on public services. Justice and public safety programs tend to be the most costly for county government and they come from the general fund.

“Several of the funds including the general fund are at or near their maximum rates,” Wasson added.

Full-time positions are expected to be reduced in several departments including the offices of sheriff, circuit clerk, state’s attorney, county clerk and building and zoning. Wasson urged dialogue to “remedy” the issue of McLean County having two election agencies. Also, health insurance is expected to increase in 2018.

The county’s five year capital budget includes an expansion to the McLean County Law and Justice Center, replacement of boilers at the Government Center and bed replacement at the nursing home.

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