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Schertz enjoys the air

One of Scott Schertz's planes is parked at his Cooksville facility / CIFN photo.

HUDSON – Scott Schertz has been around planes since he was just a kid and still enjoys the industry today.

Schertz operates Schertz Aerial Service in McLean County, a retail aerial application operation. Both of the full retail locations are near Hudson and Cooksville. Schertz has learned quite a bit over the years since his father got into the business when he was just eight years old.

“Basically, that was a continuation of him being a Navy pilot and being in the ground spraying business prior to that,” recalls Schertz.

Pilots such as Schertz need to be on their game, since most aerial spraying needs to be done five or ten feet above a field. Dry applications can be done from as high as 20 or 30 feet in the air.

“We can get across fields where it is muddy or the crops are tall,” Schertz said.

A correctly operated plane can get superior coverage since the air is distributed by the wings. Schertz considers aerial applications of chemicals an effective way of helping out crops without driving through fields and causing damage. He acknowledges pilots really don’t want any surprises in the aviation industry.

“You need to know where the wires are and what you have to work around.”

The business has been operated continually since it was originally founded by Robert Schertz in 1969, according to Scott Schertz graduated with a concentration in aviation and ag business and has over 10,000 hours of flying time as an agricultural pilot.

Schertz Aerial Service can be reached at 309-725-3340.

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