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View from the Cab: An All-American Day

The Towanda Fourth of July parade is shown last week / photo by Rebecca Casson

I feel like a politician after walking the entire route of the Chenoa Fourth of July parade last week.

After shaking a few hands, handing out some Central Illinois Farm Network stickers and passing out candy, I managed to interview a few people as I strolled down the street. It felt a little strange walking while holding the microphone and recorder, but I thought it would bring an interesting twist to my parade entry (which also included the CIFN red pickup truck driven by the lovely Rebecca with help from Kasen and Kenadee).

Plus, you never know what folks my say into that microphone – especially since they were only being recorded and not talking live on the air. This only added to the excitement .I must admit I was impressed with the quick answers many individuals provided as I went through downtown and eventually down Lincoln Street.

Kiley, who is originally from Chenoa, enjoyed seeing all of the tractors with her son. Diana from Fairbury likes everything about the Chenoa parade and one woman from Secor has family in town and called the event “different.” Not sure what that meant, but I guess we will take it as a compliment. One gentleman from Chenoa told me he enjoys all of the town’s festivities and all of the patriotic colors this time of year.

“We just come here every year,” explained Gary from Heyworth. “I’ve been coming here for probably 50 some years now.”

He has me beat. Good for Gary!

“It’s a lovely parade,” says Jeff from Oak Forest, Illinois. “We come every year as my daughter lives in Fairbury.”

After attending the Chenoa Fourth of July parade for much of my life, it was neat to actually participate and chat with some of the fine folks up and down the route. Perhaps my biggest cheering section came from the Powell yard toward the east end of town, but they are probably a little biased since I am related.

Hats off to the organizers in towns all throughout Central Illinois for some great celebrations. In addition to the Chenoa parade, we visited Towanda and watched fireworks at Sibley. It really was an All-American Fourth right here in our part of the Midwest.

(The View from the Cab is powered each week by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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