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Farmer Friday: Greg Kerber

(CIFN photo)

GIBSON CITY – With nine children, area farmer Greg Kerber has some help to fall back on if needed.

Kerber’s farming operation is centered around Gibson City in Ford County and includes fields 12 miles west, 15 miles east and some to the south. Kerber’s dad farmed along with two generations before that.

Looking back over the years, Kerber says the bad farming seasons seem to stick out.

“I remember the drought years,” Kerber said. “They were such a departure from what we considered normal.”

Kerber considers 2012 the most interesting year in his farming career. He experienced a good crop year in 2016 and has battled water in recent years.

“We had a few drowned-out areas but not many so it was about as good as we could have hoped for.”

Moving forward, Kerber feels farmers must remain optimistic. Also, prices have held up better than Kerber thought. These prices aren’t where a lot of growers would like them to be, but some were expecting prices to drop off more than they did.

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