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Plan ahead for Xtend technology

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CHENOA – Now is the time for farmers intending to use new herbicide technology to make the proper plans.

Use of the new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans and the Xtend herbicide package will require growers to have a definite plan of which field to use the chemical in, if they choose to use the optional herbicide.

“You have to know what your neighbors’ fields that are adjoining your field are going to have for a crop in them this year,” explains Dale Atkins of Atkins Seed Service.

If a neighbor also plans Xtend soybeans, farmers won’t have to worry but those nearby fields with non-Xtend soybeans are the ones you need to watch out for. Those are considered the most sensitive crops to the new Xtend herbicide.

Labels require a 110-foot border separating the chemical from a sensitive crop. Many originally thought road ditches would be a good buffer, but environmentalists are concerned over potential damage to certain weed varieties.

“In theory, we really should have a setback of 110 feet from the edge of the field,” added Atkins.

Even if you use a custom applicator, farmers should still make the proper plans to communicate with the business so commercial applicators are aware of certain restrictions before heading to the field.

Seed experts, agronomists and chemical representatives can address any questions growers may have. DuPont, Monsanto and BASF are the three companies providing the new herbicide technology.

Atkins also recommends making the proper seed plans before venturing out to the field on the first day of planting. This includes listing all of the varieties which will be planted in a certain field and figuring out the correct number of units each farm will need.

“You can have those varieties decided and placed in your 20/20 monitor then when you go to the field to plant, it’s a simple touch of the button and it will record the variety correctly.”

Atkins Seed Service is located at the intersection of Route 24 and the Weston Blacktop between Fairbury and Chenoa and can be reached at 815-945-5113.

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