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Growers make plans for next year

(CIFN file photo)

This is an important time of year to get plans made for fields and to possibly consider herbicide tolerance changes in crops.

John Allen, retails sales manager for Brandt Consolidated, urges growers to think about the 2017 season by placing seed orders to get the hybrids and varieties you like. You may also want to consider future fertilizer needs.

“If you didn’t get your fertilizer in place for the fall or you’ve got some variation in nitrogen, it’s a good time to get those plants into your advisor,” said Allen.

Allen says the seed supply looks good for next year and excitement currently surrounds dicamba-tolerant soybeans and the opportunity to use them as part of a weed control program.

In 2016, Allen observed the value of applying fungicide to both corn and soybeans as a number of farmers saw a good return on investment.

“That solidifies the fact that fungicide is generally going to give you a good return and that is something that planning for and preparing to pull the trigger is important.”

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