Interest shown in seed offerings

During recent summer field days and visits in the combine cab this fall, seed companies are noticing interest among growers when it comes to new technologies.

Stine Seed is promoting its new corn lineup with some things growers have not seen before. Regional Sales Agronomist Nick Schwarze considers this an exciting time for the company.

“It’s really changing the face of Stine,” he said.

The company has also been promoting its Liberty program which can help cleanup fields from weeds such as water hemp. Schwarze says interest has really peaked on the topic of weed control.

“We’ve got a lot of great varieties across our lineup so we’ve got a lot of different options for these guys.”

In his territory south of Fairbury, Schwarze noticed good looking fields this past season, however he did observe sudden death syndrome in soybeans farther north.

For more information on Stine, visit Schwarze can be reached at 217-372-7900 or at

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