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Focus turns to yields

A cornfield is shown in McLean County this week / CIFN photo.

As we move through the fall, the focus turns to crop yields.

Wayne Nelson of L&M Commodities in New Market, Indiana is paying close attention to the condition of the corn.

“We are hearing of some damage in some of the corn out there. Some stalks are pretty brittle and might not stand so well if we get some wind,” Nelson told The Central Illinois Farm Network this week.

Nelson says there are “lofty” expectations of the current corn crop and we will have to wait and see if we reach the 174.4 number. It will also be interesting to see how competition out of South America ends up. It doesn’t appear that a La Nina weather pattern will be impacting those areas as much as previously thought.

Nelson considered this week’s USDA report more friendly for corn and wheat and negative for soybeans. USDA increased the soybean yield and reduced corn slightly. The government also cut Chinese imports.

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